Illustration, Animation/Motion Graphics, Graphic Design

sketching new york

The sketches  below were made at a number of New York’s public spaces on my own or with the sketch group New York Urban Sketchers. They include city landmarks, parks, gardens and neighborhood spots where people can take a break from the noise or join the crowd. The drawings appear to describe a moment in time but in actuality are composites of multiple moments. Architecture and statues remain stationary but people come and go, cars drive away, shadows migrate, water reflects, then ripples—all in a constantly changing scene. The diverse population of New York also fascinates me as I seek to capture individual expression, gesture and body stance. Media includes pencil, ink, colored pencil, watercolor and digitally applied color. 

The sketches seen here are available in an 8 x 8" saddle-stitched book printed at MagCloud. To purchase, inquire at: